There’s Hope For Your Unfinished Project

How many passion projects have you set aside? I’ve got an idea that will help us all finish those abandoned projects when passion alone isn’t cutting it


Inclusivity is a Design Opportunity

The world is not made for people living with disabilities. As designers, we can change that.

Career Unclear

Some of us just weren’t made for a traditional career path. If you’re unsure where yours is leading, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay. In fact – it’s exciting! You can’t even imagine the life that’s about to unfold for you, because no two routes are the same.


Designing Democracy at the Dinner Table

Lessons learned from a year of trying to Make America Dinner Again


Being a father, from inside prison

For prison inmates, being a parent is hard. You’re far away but you’re still here. And the visits and letters, those small points of contact, can become that much tougher for the distance. So, a group of inmates at Solano State prison are looking for help. 

With a mix of stunning art and mad science, Ani Liu tackles the big questions stirring inside us.

We are lucky to be graced with artists like Ani Liu to guide us through the thorny, absurd, and essential questions of our time. What does it mean to be human? How do we relate to the technology we’ve created? Do we like the world we live in? Where might we go from here?