Where: Coffee Society, at the tables behind Jeff who I am sitting across
When: Tuesday, September 30 at 5:45pm
What: a Korean cougar maybe prostitute with a white boyish, nerdy looking dude with a Dell laptop (the Dell doesn't make him a nerd, the glasses and the way he looks at his screen do)

I need to elaborate on this woman's look. The puffiness under her eyes, just something only an older woman can have...she has to be above 40. I'm sorry to her if she is not.

She has reddish brown dyed hair..it's short but styled to suggest she wants to be a pop star...
make up: thick black eye liner, bronze-ish shadow, red lips, blush.
hanging from her ears are three gold circles , from the size of a dime to the size of
She is wearing a white hollister short-sleeve polo shirt, a bra that emphasizes her breasts,
a CK black belt that wraps around her waist over the shirt
a pencil skirt
white heels
she has red nails
she is chewing gum that is blue
she laughs at whatever this man is saying, and it can't be funny.
he is crossing his legs and wearing carpenter jeans
and etnies, but he's not a skater
new clue! she is studying for her GREs (GRE book in hand)
Or, she is helping him study, or...
she sounds foreign
she is leaning over and pointing at his computer screen
looking back at the GRE book
Maybe they are just friends
but the way she laughs, showing her teeth, holding the laugh
to become a smile
and the way he smiles in return

love affair.

More later.

Authorjustine lee