1. the wind was really pissed today. it was so strong i almost blew over several times. real wind forces tears from my eyes and me to seriously put the most weight ive ever had to into the bottoms of my feet. it causes me and most everyone to look a little embarrassing. i really wonder what would happen if i blew away?

2. i've been trying to finish "amerika" by franz kafka for about a year now. it was suggested to me by steven, my close college friend. in an IM convo, before signing off he said: "hey, are you ever going to read amerika? if you read amerika, i will send you three dollars in the mail" i'm weighing my options.

3. at dinner, i told my mom about a colleague of mine. "he's in his mid-thirties, i think. so, pretty old." and my mother got really offended and said "if you think that's old...what am i?" "really old," i said. she forgave me.

4. i had to reject a guy who asked me to dinner via text. i haven't had to do this in awhile (years, I think.) so it took me about 30 minutes to compose a lie. now i feel bad. but not that bad.

5. it took me awhile to learn how to swallow pills/vitamins, but i've figured it out. basically you have to psych yourself out and imagine that you're about to swallow a piece of food that you want to eat but don't care to chew. i still struggle with the triple omega LARGE softgels..although they are smooth, their shape and size intimidate me.

Authorjustine lee