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I have a male friend who makes very successful analogies. Here is a sample.

1. " well are you a woman? are you a role model for your kids? are you established in the world? are you a table, or are you a more or less table shaped piece of wood that still has yet to endure some sandpaper?"

2. "bc my initial reactionwas "....really?" and you responded "well...yeah...i felt like it"

so there was no respect lost you were just like "yes. this was my action. this was my decision making process"

and you said it was such boldness, you could have been a traveller mapping the virgin southwest with your indian guide and a partner named meriweather."

3. "how's your hair on a scale of 'i'm wearing a hat this week' to 'i'm adorable and will look in any and all reflective surfaces'"

4. "think redheaded beatle with better teeth than george, better nose than ringo"

5. "bc sometimes i think my best qualities go unnoticed like on a basketball team

i'll bet sometimes, the guy who scores a lot of points wants someone to say 'hey...he plays good defense and rebounds' but no it's always about the points bc that's what the fans come to see"

6. "my pinkies and pinky toes are weird and not cute weird like 'was he involved in gov't experiments' weird"


More to come.

Authorjustine lee