1. LOL - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the television series. Finally made me laugh out loud by season two, episode six ("The Gang Gives Back"). Regardless of that long warming up period, I'm enjoying it. Will keep going. Check out Hulu.com for all the episodes with limited commercial interruption.

2. Slut - I have an odd fascination with knowing the romantic histories of people I watch in television shows and movies. Thank you Wikipedia and also this other site called: Who's Dated Who? For example, did you know that The Office's Jim (Jon Krasinksisksi) dated Karen (Rashida Jones) in real life? and what about that Kirsten Dunst is a slut? I actually mean, I am jealous because I'd date every single one of them if I could. Except maybe Zach braff..he rubs me the wrong way.

3. By The Way - I registered this blog under my primary gmail account (justineraelee) because I couldn't get The Good Thing (which is under my original, but now secondary account - justineleelowry) to transfer. I was tired of being logged in to justineraelee and having to log out and back in to justineleelowry in order to blog, ya know what I mean? huge ordeal, completely uneeded. unneeded? This may have been a better preface, not really a cool hip thing you want to read on a list. eek

4. Chromania - I have downloaded and used Google Chrome for a little bit, and my first impression, completely superficial review is: I just don't know about all the light blue and white. Doesn't have enough presence on the screen for me. What do you think? I'll be testing it out some more because I know I'm like the Web/Gadget Guru of your life and you want to know.

5. Conclusive - I'm going to end on five. This blog is going to be about lists, because people read lists. For issues that lend themselves to some good thorough research and explanation...essay form. But for all the regular, flashy stuff I like to call my natural thoughts...there will be some lists! Welcome.

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