Sometimes Neh and I have very race-y and cute text message convos.

Neha: what if we had been young asian continent friends...experienced childhood together sleepovers bday parties teachers. would we be different
Justine: haha slumber parties...Yes, I imagine we would be different...Not sure how. But I feel regardless what we got going is pretty sweet :)
Neha: yes agrees. the reason i asked is because i saw an asian and indian girl about sixth grade hanging out with backpacks on having a grand old time.

Justine: have you experienced a one black man is hot to open to all too? He had a very athletic body and smooth features
Neha: I used to only have eyes for gangsta black men...but now my eyes are different.

Justine: Neha they are playin wicked games here at the japanese restaurant and who else could I think of but you?
Neha: no one else.

Justine: Neh, just saw a guy on bus lightly grasp his balls as he got on..He was very tall european and had an Rx tattoo on his inner right arm.
j omg we are in a cab that put top 40 music on really loud is strobing the lites inside and jerking the car around and other cars are watching us.
hahaha omg why. Is he a former disc jockey?? Is that legal? Are you dancing? I hope you survive.
he may have been we may die..the driver is loving it he is egyptian.

More to come...

Authorjustine lee