my wish

1. wouldn't it be great if there was a device that could read your mood, down to the finest nuance, and play the song that fit it best? That just complemented it like peanut butter does jelly, like brie does pear, like when you're thinking about a crush and you get a text from them saying theyre thinking about you, or the taste of pumpkin pie, anytime. most of those were food related, but when the perfect song the perfect beat, the right to the gd core lyric, nat king cole's voice singing christmas, sublime singing summer and the livin's's a bbq, or third eye blind's semi charmed life, for me sometimes it's backstreet boys i want it that way that pulls me right back to 7th grade, and it's perfect. i bring this up because when i'm driving and turn on the radio, i'm looking for a whole series of songs to delicately match the series of thoughts my mind wanders to freely. i typically get anything from birthday sex to hotel california to celine dion, all which, to be frank, would never fit any mood i could have. (that song celine dion did for titanic though did seem to hit the spot for a good few months... i already forgot what it was called. i will be there? i'm here? my heart will go on!! wow..) that would be a great invention. can guarantee there'd be a lot of lady gaga on mine...

some observations

1. elliott smith wrote a song called happiness. i remember one time in london chatting about him with stevie.. we listened to an interview he did with some dick dj and i told steve "you know what? i'd be elliott smith's friend. he was so cool and talented. maybe id even stop him from killing himself." now, thinking about it, i was a fool.
2. i still haven't found my perfect trail mix at trader joe's. this one i have now is macademias, cranberries and almonds. yum, right? except it also has these very sugared pineapple chunks i'm too afraid to touch. for sake of making this post more stimulating i just touched and ate the pineapple chunk and it's actually a ginger chunk...i am okay with it, but yards away from perfect. next time...
3. i need a third, no one ends on 2...2 is for cowards. i could never date, love or marry a man that was more into his looks than i am into mine. metrosex? scenester? can't deal with that shit. i need a straight up man, thank you. just one req: he has to look good in a suit.

Authorjustine lee