1. there has never been anything wrong with having a crush on a gay man. or even a man you suspect might be gay but is in fact straighter than a metal ruler the architects use.

2. at the end of the day, you are left with yourself. if you're happy with who you are and what you got going for you, good. i'm not going to measure my happiness and wellbeing by how much i can put someone else down. that's not who i want to be right now or ever.

3. i have some sweet friends, this is a point i make often and will continue to make as long as it is true..which i think will be for a very long time. i would say that how close i feel to my friends and family, and how crazy loved they make me feel and how crazy much i love and care for them is a much better indication of my overall happiness.

4. i'm excited for the holidays!!

5. it makes me sad to know that someone i once cared so deeply about could make me feel so hurt and disappointed. the truth is, one day you think you know someone so well and the next they could be someone completely different. it's hard to let go of that original image of them, but you have to. for the sake of living, you have to!!

6. this blog post could really be all about how i am moving on.

7. i love 30 rock.

8. i've just decided that when the time comes, i'm going to forgive. said culprit, and myself too.

9. i still have love in my heart even though i feel so hurt.

10. this is such an emo post. good thing 10's last.

Authorjustine lee