these are slang terms i don't agree with:

- preggers for pregnant
- obvi for obvious
- late for later
- awkward
- random

i'm not sure what it is, but i feel uneasy when people use these words. many of you use these words on a daily basis, it's okay. i like you for who you are.

for preggers and obvi, i just don't like how they sound. and where else have we shortened a word and added "ers" and have it be acceptable? obvi? no, for reasons i can't communicate.

i thought late or latez was a 7th grade i want to be a gang member so this is how i'll say goodbye, but appearantly it's still in effect. late is already a word and that word does not mean 'see ya,' it means after the expected or usual time, or most recent.

people went crazy with awkward and random. to the point that i prefer absurd, bizarre, strange, odd and your everyday weird in place of awkward...and arbitrary, unexpected or out of nowhere in place of random... additionally, people misuse the word random. george being really into small feminine feet isn't "random," it's disturbing. when i trip over a banana peel and miss the train and am stuck in the rain for 3 hours that isn't random, that's somewhat stressful and is also, life. i wouldn't mind if you used random to describe the way someone is chosen to win a raffle or how gas molecules move about in a container.

maybe i'm elitist, or maybe i'm just cool. i can't decide, but i know i'm not alone on being particular about words. here is a cool post about How and Why Slang Spreads. what i took away from this post: as soon as a slang term is accepted into the mainstream, it loses its "encryption" and "social-identification feature." it is now meaningless and the slang selection and renewal process will begin anew.

i think it's fun to make up new words, phrases and ways to say things. i'm a communicator and i find that many of my friends share this interest. are there words that rub you the wrong way? any that you can't avoid using? thoughts?

Authorjustine lee