why? they're always the same. they make the players and coaches sound uninteresting. they don't make you feel better or know more about the game. this bothers me as a journalist, sports fan and human.

how many times have you heard (or some variation of):

take it one game at a time

dribble penetration
get to the foul line
we gotta take those shots
team defense

(other pre-game, post-game and halftime cliches here. thanks bhish.)

we get those answers because the questions beg for them. rather than ask what do you need to do come back and win? they should ask:

1. what did you have for breakfast? If eggs is part of the answer, how do you like your eggs?
2. what are you wearing under your shorts?
3. how do you deal with chafing?
4. how much work do you put into your hair, knowing that you're about to play a full game of basketball?
5. have you pinpointed the hottie in the audience you are going to bang tonight? if so, wave to her.

props to rick for questions 2-5. please share your ideas for questions that would garner better answers and forever change the landscape of sports journalism.

PS - I'm thinking of working on a video montage of these interviews. I'm not a video editor, so help welcome.

Authorjustine lee