sylischill: yes yes! can u work this out for me girl?
sylischill: get me the illegal goods
justinity: haha theyre not illegal!1
sylischill: yea i know
justinity: but damn straight i can work this out for u girl
sylischill: i just wanted to make it sound like we're dealing drugs
sylischill: to sound cool
justinity: omg i really didnt wanna type that out
justinity: but i just did
sylischill: HAHAHAH damn straight!
justinity: ohh hahah
justinity: haha
justinity: let's keep this going
justinity: (drug talk )
justinity: so how much do u want
justinity: in milligrams
sylischill: 500
sylischill: i can get the money to u in a week
justinity: k..can u get them in hamiltons
justinity: or hammies
sylischill: in washingtons
sylischill: no i mean
sylischill: in eagles
justinity: hahahh
justinity: alrite
sylischill: can u send me the goods
sylischill: in a mule
justinity: male or female
justinity: it makes a diff
sylischill: it does
sylischill: make it female
sylischill: girl power
justinity: alrite. that'll be extra least 10k
justinity: more
sylischill: hahahah
sylischill: itll take me an extra week
sylischill: bro u gotta work with me
sylischill: i got two kids at home
sylischill: and a baby mama to feed!
justinity: oh damn why didnt u tell me.
justinity: ill get u a discount fo sure..but i still gotta ask about the girl mule
justinity: how will u send ova the cash
justinity: the eags
sylischill: i'll send a mule of my own
sylischill: with the eags
justinity: hahha
justinity: dude make mine an hombre
sylischill: you got it bro
sylischill: HAHAHA OMG jusg
justinity: what if our mules mate? or love each other while they pass by
justinity: one another
sylischill: we did a really good job of unfolding this fake drug story
sylischill: that was actually my hope.. for our mules to meet
Authorjustine lee