me: what if i just married a really strange man that no one would sleep with and never flirted
but that's bizarre
but what if i cheat?
i mean, there are so many uncertainties
why are relationships such power struggles, always
11:13 AM my mom said that the power struggles dont end once u get married
like, even after marriage u worry that the other doesnt love u as much as u love them, or the other way around
there are moments of unbalance
it is not just a constant flow of equal love
Neha: of course
that would not be natural
me: i think i was dazed to think otherwise
I suppose ure right
11:14 AM Neha: but that doesnt have to result in cheating
me: but i always just imagined...
No, it doesn't,
11:16 AM sigh neh
I don't want to cheat. but I also don't want to be cheated on
i want to raise wonderful children
i want to live life
why does it seem so hard to do
11:17 AM Neha: I dont know
but I hate that
I think its very important
to find a loyal man
me: I know.
but loyal men are sometimes boring and unattractive.
Neha: they are
usually nerds
11:18 AM me: maybe we could go for a hot nerd that doesn't know he's hot
and that never will
because we will inject something in him
that makes him think
Neha: hahaha
me: we are the best.
Neha: OH
that was realistic
me: haha
11:19 AM neh, can u please develop this in your lab
Neha: HAHA
I will try.
11:21 AM me: maybe ran can get in on it too
Neha: I hate losing hair ties
I do it too much
me: neh, i lose them so much too!
who even knows where
i take them off in the shower
i think some are in the shower
Neha: some in bed
11:23 AM me: I agree. in the crack between the bed and wall probably
or under a pillow
or down deep in the comforter
who even knows
11:24 AM Neha: i am eating chips and salsa on abhishs bed
Authorjustine lee