If it's meant to happen, it will.

Karin: the hardest thing is to have faith in fate b/c it's so slow

Truly, it is. Enter patience. A virtue I struggle with...but I'm going to try again to have it be me. This time, for real. :)

Why I'm feeling good about life right now:

  • I went for a very fulfilling run. I got in the zone quicker than expected. No iPod. Just me and my thoughts.
  • I sent out my taxes (yes, I will be getting a substantial check in the mail from the IRS!)
  • The weather outside in Cupertino, according to Weather.com, is "fair," but I argue that it's more than fair: It's a wide blue sky and sunshine. It's a g.d. treat!
  • I'm 22 & although experiences have somewhat tainted "life" for me, I am still relatively bright-eyed, optimistic and ready.

My promise: No more emo, judgmental, sloppy posts the rest of this month.
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