1. when i was young, we'll say, elementary through high school, many times, i thought that my family was f*cked up. and that my parents were abusive. and i just wanted to run away asap. now i realize that the only thing that's ever mattered is that we all love each other and always will. so replace f*cked up with tremendously blessed.

2. why is swimming naked so taboo that it's called something strange like 'skinnydipping' or is sometimes considered an adventure like skydiving or getting a tattoo? i think in private it's totally acceptable and in fact should be encouraged. why not? it feels really good and like nothing else. cover your eyes if this type of thing is TMI starting now. i swam completely unclothed today in my pool and loved every second of it. if my up-the-hill neighbors caught a glance? so be it. would i skinnydip with confidence in front of a stranger? no. a latin lover? yes.

3. i don't actually have a latin lover, but if i did, he'd be benjamin bratt or the waiter that poured and then spilled my sangria because the pitcher was poorly designed at a tapas place in downtown palo alto.

4. people can change for the better. it's nice to be given a second chance and to give one.

5. tim lincecum, if he stays healthy, will be pitching on my birthday, august 7. i recently had a dream in which i was mad flirting with him as we walked up and down the streets of SF. he flirted back but was cautious because player - fan relationships were frowned upon. i had this dream just a few days before my manager told me that tim lincecum has a girlfriend who he was on top of the entire flight back from the all-star game.

6. "hi there" is a pretty white anglo way to greet. "haiii" is pretty asian. "sup my n" is pretty black. feel free to pitch in ideas for other ethnic groups.

7. a kanker sore may be the worst mini-hurt item in the non-life-threatening, just annoying category.

8. remember the TY beanie babies craze? people would buy any and all of them. i think besides TY itself, McDonald's, and a few key eBay sellers, no one else benefited from this in the long-term. not true, my family did. we now have a cute collection atop our plasma TV. these days, it would have to take a REALLY really cute stuffed animal for me to hand over some dollar bills. it'd have to be so cute that i'd want to create a stop motion film with it as the main character and/or save it for my first born.

9. i'm working towards 10, this ain't easy.

10. 9 was cheap. i want to do something, work on a project, be a part of something so big and so cool that the unease ive felt for years now will be laid to rest. i have no idea what this thing is yet, (i think it involves traveling the world and meeting new people everyday, and getting paid. fingers crossed) but i can't wait.

Authorjustine lee