You know when you're in the mood to write something profound? And there are a million places to start, but none that would be particularly convincing or even very cool so instead you write what i just wrote...

Tell me if this idea is cool:

A photo series of How People Sleep.

Why? It takes me a few minutes to find the most comfortable position to sleep in, and sometimes that most comfortable position is me in a really strange, twisty way that if you lifted the covers you would think I'm a freak. and my hand is behind some fold of the pillow and my feet are wrapped up around and over the comforter and back under again and my cheek is up soft against the fleece part of the blanket, and somehow my body is feeling like this is just the right earthly place to me. (next post, if you are lucky will include a photo of this position)

Essentially, I am intrigued by how humans find their most comfortable position on a bed of soft and practical material. I think it would be fun to take or draw pictures of the position a variety of individuals fall asleep in.

Would you allow me into your home on an average night to do this?

My guess is that most strangers would answer 'no,' but i would expect a 'yes' from these folks:
spencer Tunick art

Either way, what do you think of the idea? How do you fall asleep?

UPDATE: was wondering the same thing as me. They did a photo contest on Sleep last month (top ten entrees). See below for one of my favorites.

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