she's fucking crazy dude.

she has issues.
big time

to the hizzie dizzie.
hizzle drizzle x 10934093

but that wasn't enough for me, because a hot girl with issues to the hizzle drizzle x 1093409is still a hot girl. so tell me about her looks jeffrey...

Jeffrey: she's like, bones

and just looks really ill.
like, an ill, chinese rice field worker.

- - -

So, Jeff's bashing of this girl made my day. This girl obviously sucks. I know I'm cool so why do I need to hear about another girl being fiercely uncool to feel better about myself? What's wrong with me? At this moment so much, but mostly what's wrong is I'm human and I'm trying to move forward in my life (it's gd hard). Instead of focusing on the past, I should probably. . .focus on. . .right now, the future, MY ill field workers, not anyone else's.

One more thing, I have some pretty sweet ass friends. So pretty standard awesome friends are those that during wreckless, tough, draining times help you cope by telling you what's up (the truth), that hold your hand, and let you cry on them (clark, i cried on your probably $200 marc jacobs shirt), buy you drinks, and listen as you repeat stories of the past that don't mean anything anymore...for hours... upon hours...these are my friends, yes...but my friends in that process...are also sneaking in some jokes and making me laugh out loud every few minutes...and making me feel that, whatever hurt that comes my way, I have them. always and forever : )

Now, to switch gears...

Do you want to know what my favorite part of the day is now?!?!?!?

taking off all my work clothes

and slipping into sweats and a t-shirt.

Authorjustine lee