chinese food items i don't appreciate:

- baby shrimp, the worst type of shrimp and the worst type of baby.
- this really bitter melon that if the skin is not properly peeled off is so bitter you may die from even a lick
- dry egg yolk in moon cakes, for the idea and "resemblence of the moon" factor? fine. for the taste, no thank you.
- anise, as a flavor it is necessary but eating the shell of it is unbearable

web browsing incidents that irritate me:

- when i accidentally click on a link (usually in toolbar) that forces me to exit g-mail/gchat and thus lose momentum in a conversation
- when a browser does not allow the multiple tab experience
- when facebook updates my status without me having finished my sentence, although to be fair, my facebook status is hardly ever a grammatically accurate sentence.

i don't want my first post of the new year to be such a debbie, so i'm going to end on something cute.

Authorjustine lee