at this odd hour before bed.

1. mozarella cheese balls
2. cheetos (spicy and regular, and also puffs and any shape, really)
3. macaroni and cheese
4. i really like cheese
5. smoked salmon
6. toasted sesame bagel with sun dried tomato spread
7. wendy's chicken nuggets with honey mustard
8. clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl
9. lamb kebab over rice pilaf with yogurt
10. i am clearly in a savory mood
11. pumpkin pie (outlier)
12. vivi's fries, or in-n-out's
13. sun chips french onion
14. soft pretzel with cream cheese or auntie anne's
15. hard pretzels like by that company that starts with an S..and in honey mustard or ranch flavors
16. which reminds me of chex mix and gardetto's
17. ritz crackers
18. cheez-its
19. anything cheese
20. samosas

Authorjustine lee