readers, friends mostly, a couple acquiantances and at least one stalker, hi. 

i'm answering - very candidly - a few questions i have gotten from a few of you recently...

is your Chinese super good now? no. i mean, it is definitely better than it was four months ago when i arrived. and i can get by. i have even received compliments here and there from locals. but am i fluent? no way. i still struggle to find the right words and end up using elementary level words to circuitously describe an idea. also, my grasp of the four tones continues to be shaky. that said, i am practicing, speaking and listening almost exclusively in Chinese all the time. and everyday i try to learn and practice a new the way, i have almost completely given up on learning how to read & write. that effort takes REAL commitment. unless someone wants to hold me accountable, i think that goal has fallen by the wayside.

how is your love life? it's good. i love being single for many reasons. i like making my own decisions and that no one (but my self and concerned loved ones, fine and the laws of physics OK and b.s. bureaucracy) is holding me back from anything. i like talking to guys and laughing at their jokes when they are only average funny, and not feeling guilty. i like flirting. and making eye contact with hot strangers (which there are few). i like chilling with my guy friends who are also single and not needing to report back or give fair warning. i like that i have no idea who i will marry, and in the not knowing him, feeling that it is possible that he be the coolest person in the world and the best for me. i like dating the guy i'm dating and living in the moment, not talking about the future at all (except to plan our next hang out) and just enjoying the experience for what it is.

that all said, i got a little rihanna in me and at the end of the day, i do want to feel special like i'm the only girl in the world. but if i'm going to enjoy the many perks of single life, i need to deal and not be so greedy.

when are you coming back? no idea. the earliest i will be coming back is March 15, 2012. i have a plane ticket and everything though it is open, meaning i can book a new date at any time without a fee. the latest is july 2016, when my visa expires, but that is absurd, so really, the latest is probably a year from now, though i would take a month break in between to come home for a quick visit, because while i really love it here, i also really love you all and i love home-home and my sweetie pie coopy, and i just could not go that damn long without seeing you. 


alright, everyone. next time i am going to write about this really cool experience i had on sunday watching hundreds of cancer patients and volunteers spin in circles in the NTU stadium to live entertainment for 2 hours!! that's right, spinning in circles for 2 hours non-stop. they broke a guinness world record with this act. i took video. stay tuned. also please understand that the photo of me above was taken at a cosplay cafe right outside the NTU stadium. a cosplay cafe is a place where people who want to dress up as anime characters can take photos in front of fancy backdrops by professional photographers. i wanted to capture the cosplay kids on camera, but i was not brave enough to ask for persmission. next time!



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