steve - one of my best friends - has sent me a draft of his novel (The Test) several times over the past 3 years, but this time...I'm reading it. something I have seriously been meaning to do. Proof? I'm giving him constructive feedback. Can't wait. xo

UPDATE: given this has been a busy week with not so many before bed or on train reading opportunities, i'm extending my deadline to finish steve's novel to end of next week, March 20. steve approved.

UPDATE 2: I have not finished. I am on page 80 out of 128. I have really enjoyed it so far, and am confident I'll finish within the next couple days. Please forgive.

success! i finished and enjoyed it thoroughly. :) I was especially captivated - even slightly haunted - by the visuals describing the characters' adventure in Normandy. Thank you, Steve for sharing.


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