this week i'm writing a short story. i will post my story by Sunday.


success! Though, I decided to share only the first part, because as a whole, it's not something I'm comfortable sharing with everyone the Internet allows. It is a story roughly, ok very closely based on a real situation, and let me tell you, it was very therapuetic to write. I wrote the bulk of it on Wednesday and completed it today, racing against the clock. I was reminded: I am capable of writing something I'm proud of in seven days, and that I still prefer to write from the male perspective. Below is an excerpt. Let me know if you'd like to read the story in full. :)

When Jon asked Nathan, “So, how’s it feel to bang a three year old’s mother,” minutes before the call with S&P, Nathan shook his head and laughed, but didn’t answer. He hadn’t wanted to tell anyone at work about Dana, but last Thursday at O’Neils’ Nathan couldn’t have predicted Jon’s persistence or his own willingness. It was the rare combination of $8 pitchers and Best of Lil Wayne on the digital jukebox, that made telling an excitable, pink-faced Jon seem like a great idea.

That night, before Nathan fell into bed, he had enough sense to remove his work clothes, but not enough patience to pull off his socks. This made it the third week night that month he would end up sleeping, sprawled naked, short of the navy wool socks he would wear the next day. He was okay with that.

He confirmed his 6:15 alarm then glanced over Dana’s three line text, eyelids heavy, guilt edging in. He hadn’t meant to call her “for fun” or “easy ass,” but it widened Jon’s smile and that was the moment’s concern.

Nathan responded to Dana with a quick “:),” he was too tired to be thoughtful, and too many texts over his limit to be provocative. Seconds later she shot back a “:),” and just like that, the guilt expired. As long as she was smiling, Nathan thought.

Authorjustine lee