i'm thinking i'll do well-being or intellectual this week. stay tuned..

in the meantime, observations:

1. any time i see a grown man cry either in the flesh or on screen, trigger pulled, tear ducts filled, i am crying right along with him. there's just something about a grown man driven to vulnerability that pulls on my heart.

2. has anyone figured out Facebook alogorithms that determine a) advertisements shown, b) who to show on your profile's Friends list, c) what status updates to show prominently, d) which friends' albums to show on side bar while you're viewing other photos? I'd like to learn about this, anyone know?

3. Cake concert tonight! I haven't seriously listened to them since 7th grade, but am eager to be reconnected. I'm sure they put on a good show. so, I went to their website, and on it, immediately there is a quote by Oscar Wilde which makes me think Is this blog, Is what I am writing, the truth? Oscar, you crazy provocative man. (but i do like your hair and that pink floral thing on your lapel)

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell the truth.


week 3 my goal was to....think of a goal, but never really come up with one. and guess what?! success!

(i know, i'm disappointed too, but i do have an excuse! my family got a puppy this week! his name is cooper and his picture is above. i will share more soon. my punishment for missing a week is an intensely challenging week 4 goal...)

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