last week my goal was domestic. this week i'd like to do something creative, but still somewhat domestic. it's just me and my mom in this house, which makes me feel like i have even more of a responsibility than before (when it was a full house) to pull my weight. so far i've been good about splitting the cooking, washing the dishes and taking out the trash, but i want to take one step up, and contribute to the atmosphere.


so, week 2's endeavor is a little home decorating project for the downstairs bathroom whose walls are barren in need of love. this is a bathroom i walk a flight of stairs to avoid using for many reasons including it is tiny, plain, the tile floor is cccold on my feet and when you switch the light on, you also are switching the fan on, which is loud and obnoxious. so unless you're wearing thick socks and don't mind peeing in the dark, this is an unpleasant bathroom. i'm no electrician, so the light/fan thing is not this week's challenge, but i will buy a warm rug, placing it just where the feet go, and i will adorn the walls with some norman rockwell paintings from my 2007 picture diary, above the toilet, so that when i'm washing my hands i can look over and smile at the framed gems with pride. :)


i admit, this is an easy one that will probably take me half an hour, but this is what i want to do, and it's something i could see myself putting off for a long long time. let's get this done!

and... success!!

i'm no martha stewart, but i got it done. i used many tools including a screw, a nail, a swiss army knife, a hammer, my own bare hands.


Authorjustine lee