three months in, life in taipei remains awesome.

my mom left a few days ago, so back to living solo, which has its ups (i can stay out late, sleep in til 2 - which i did today, make plans with friends again!) and also its downs (i have to pay for things, do my laundry, no one to talk to 24/7, i love you mommy!)

the photos capture all activities while my mom was in town, in words:

  • went to a pretty fancy wedding of two people i have never met (my mom's cousin's daughter was the bride), confirming in my mind that i want to have a small wedding where i know everyone
  • experienced the 100th anniversary of taiwan R.O.C.
  • per usual, ate a lot of delicious food incl. my favorite taiwanese fruit, (ma la) hot pot, sesame chicken noodle soup, din tai fung, and a real nice japanese lunch with the whole fam (mom treated)
  • celebrated jan's 26th at a steakhouse
  • went to a buddhist temple in the mountains and prayed
  • celebrated my grandfather's (not pictured) 93rd birthday with a big traditional chinese dinner incl. pig feet & noodles, and red-dyed eggs

it was fun.

now here's a cool update. i'm going to start writing for Taiwan543, a new blog on all things Taiwan & Taiwan-American. i'll be writing for fun (no $) and for my own good. i have been way too relaxed since my chinese class ended in August and need to get my brain into working and writing mode again. my first story will be on dennis au, a really cool, kinda crazy DJ, who i interviewed yesterday at hitfm, where he's worked as a DJ for the past 10 yrs. not only was he a good interview, he was able to convince me in our 1.5 hr conversation to consider staying in taipei longer than i planned. 

i really do love it here, in fact i love it here a lot more than i thought i much that i am as excited about living in taipei and immersing myself in the culture as i am abouttraveling to different countries in asia. but if i want to stay past march, i need to find a job. probably only thing i am easily qualified for is teaching English. going to give myself the next couple months to think this over...

meanwhile, i rent dvds now. i got a membership mostly because i wanted to watch the Harry Potter series (in conjunction with reading the books - I am on book 3!) and also because i want to watch chinese films to keep expanding my vocab and knowledge of the culture. lately though i have rented american films like the bourne series and taken. i watched hot tub time machine last night and LoLed regularly. sigh, i do miss american humor...nice segue into...

the top three things i miss in the US excl. family friends and coops:

1. chipotle - chicken burrito with rice, black beans, mild sauce, lettuce, cheese, light on sour cream, and sometimes corn, sometimes guac - UGH, can they please open one here?! anyone have connections?! 

2. driving - i would never try driving in taipei, too scary and the metric system is not yet second nature to me (not a scientist).

3. television - no netflix, hulu or easy access to american TV..though i do often watch Sponge Bob Square Pants dubbed in mandarin, and it's just as enjoyable.

OK, post will be JAPAN & then probably next after that will be CHINA but not for awhile, because boys & girls, i'm leaving for the mainland this saturday for 10 days!! excited and a little nervous after all the stories of some of its people's rudeness and trickery, but traveling with two of the coolest people in the world, i don't know how it won't be just reeaaaaall fun.

miss & love you,


Authorjustine lee