Kaizer (K), my local friend, invited me to this Guinness World Record Event at the National Taiwan University stadium, where hundreds of mostly cancer patients and some volunteers spun in circles for 2 hours STRAIGHT! What?! I probably couldn't spin in a circle for more than a few minutes without just wanting to take a pause and/or collapse. Some video below of the first few minutes of spinning...

K along with a handful of other musicians and pop stars performed to keep the spinners motivated. These individuals practice Chi Gong, a Chinese energy exercise and trained one month for this event. By the end, they were sweating, smiling, hugging each other and just generally joyful. It was cool. Cancer is a bitch but it's nice to know there are active communities like this, helping strengthen body mind and spirit and encourage people to acheive personal bests and WORLD RECORDS.

The rest of the photos are mostly of food. Self-explanatory. I eat out probably 3-5 meals in 7 days. Food is cheap. and it's good. I love it. 

Next post on Jiufen, a small mountain town, about a 1.5 hour drive from Taipei.


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