One thing I have loved about Taipei in September is the weather! It's so much cooler now. The sun may be beating down like it was in August, but now, there's a breeeeze! And the breeze is by far the best weather element on Earth.

Another thing is the Mid-Autumn Festival which was on Monday, September 12 this year. Mid-Autumn Festival is the night of the fullest moon in the Autumn season. The one where you eat moon cakes. In the pics you can see some traditions associated with the holiday. Eating this grapefruit-like fruit and peeling it in such a way and then placing it on your head. It's something the children do, but adults are welcome. We also use the fruit to pray to the moon and say Thank you for everything it has provided us in the past year and ask that it help us out in the year ahead. 

I went on the Gondola from the Taipei Zoo to Makong (tea village in the mountains) and saw beautiful views of Taipei. Do you see Taipei 101 in the background?! Also, ate a delicious meal - one with dishes that were ALL new to me - including tea leaf fried rice, this fried green vegetable with taro root chips, and beef strips with CHEESE. I did not know Chinese people ate meat with cheese. cool!

Speaking of unexpected food, check out those crazy-shaped corn dogs!

UPDATE: I divided the photos into 2 galleries; one of food and one with everything else. I wanted to highlight the photo of me with a burrito. YES!!! I satisfied my Mexican craving at Eddy's Cantina just a 5-min. bus ride from home!! (Thanks, Matt for the rec) While it was not the best burrito I've ever had, it was not the worst and what made it unlike any other was Every bite hit the spot. Not just the first or second, every single one. Also, check out that soup. It's a Chinese dessert soup filled with healthy herbs and fungi (sounds gross but is actually really tasty).

That's it for now, guys.

Authorjustine lee