Around lunchtime, I met up with my former Chinese class friends Felix (visiting Japan from the US), Kaoru (Narita local) and Yasuko (Tokyo local). We walked to the Meiji Jingu shrine, part of a large wooden temple where we joined the millions of people (every year) to say our prayers for the year ahead.

Yasuko and I also paid 100 yen to choose our fortunes via shaking a wooden canister full of numbered sticks. The stick we shook out corresponded with a piece of paper with our fortunes scrawled on them in Japanese. Mine told me that as long as I avoid talking about people's weaknesses and "small things" in general, I will be healthy and happy. Good advice, but it won't be easy!

Next, we walked past (not through! too crowded) Takashita Street in Harajuku before grabbing a bite to eat at a Japanese egg omelette shop! I had the omelette in Hayashi sauce, a mild but tasty brown sauce that was my first try.

We then made our way to a seaside neighborhood named Odaiba. We roamed about in what was colderrr weather than before. We took and decorated booth photos, played air hockey and then went up the Hachi Tama Building where we got a stunning view of the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Mt. Fuji, at just past sunset. To keep ourselves warm we bought tea from a vending machine and paired them with sweet treats from Hiroshima, brought to us by Felix (thanks!).

Time for dinner...which deserves its own post...

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