I spent the day in Sanxia, a town just southwest, outside Taipei where my aunt lives in a high rise surrounded by beautiful, lush mountains. It's a totally different feel from Taipei, less people, more relaxing and suburban feeling.

This morning, we wandered around the marketplace and the old part of town that's been preserved with pride; it's a street of little shops selling little knick knacks and snacks, with original brick and wooden doorways.

The first three photos are of the town's specialty snack, cattle bread...essentially, it is bread shaped like a cattle's horn region. It is made of flour not meat. It tastes like a croissant, just less buttery is far less layered.

We went to an old, old temple (with originally intricate wood carvings), prayed and asked Buddha a question about my life. I will share video on that experience soon.

I apologize for looking like a nerdy and boyish 12 year old. Also, at my aunt's home, I found the baseball a famous Taiwanese ball player + most of my family signed way back when. I spelled Love, Luv, because it was cool to. ^ ^

Something else you should know about Taiwan is this: ^ ^ and ~~ happens a lot in text messages and the like. I think it's sweet.

Authorjustine lee