Guys, I've been eating a lot of food. Before I took off, my mom said I'd probably lose weight while in Taiwan because I'd be walking around and sweating a lot. Well, true I have been walking around a ton, and sweating a ton but that is all canceled out by all the food. I have thought about waking up to run at 5:00 a.m. when it's still sane to, or joining a gym, but 5:00 a.m. is early and joining a gym costs big money. I'm making excuses. Never mind. Please view these food photos. Highlights:

Beef Noodle Soup -- two versions: first from a place near Shi Da University -- thinner noodles, semi-sweet soup, added sour pickle bits which made it super tasty, the second is from a small place in Sanxia where my aunt lives, much wider, softer noodles that were made on the spot, tiny bit spicy broth, the meat was a little tough though...both were delicious.

The 4th photo is of San Bay Gee (Three Cup Chicken) which is a popular Taiwanese dish that's a little sweeter (in fact most Taiwanese dishes have a bit of sugar in the sauce). The chicken is kind of hard to eat around the loose bones, but other than that, it's delicious especially with rice.

The 8th photo is of something I had never had until today. It's a triangular chunk of pig's blood mixed with rice covered in peanut dust on a stick. Weird, right? but, I liked it. It was a pleasant and filling late morning snack paired with an herby iced tea.

The rest of the photos are from my birthday weekend which includes a pic of my cousin's adorable little girl shing chen (still thinking of an English name for her) and a pic of me and my aunt at Haagan-Dazs where my other cuz works. Thank you so much to all my family for making that day so special. xx

PS - My birthday cake also had a little "happy Father's day" decoration as Father's day was the next day 8/8. Yes, I'm wearing a Power Puff Girls t-shirt my aunt bought me and I accepted with respect. In addition, it was my first time drinking BLUE LABEL. I had half a sip.


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