A few days ago, over delicious YoFroyo, I - along with my new ABC friends Diana and Michael - met Anthony Neely (倪安東), this Taiwanese-American pop star (Bay Area-bred, UCSD alum), who is pretty HOT in Asia right now. So HOT that I would bet big money that every single straight Taiwanese HS girl and gay Taiwanese guy would jump through hoops of fire to meet him. Middle-aged women are pretty into him, too. OK, let's be real, women of all ages, and all men comfortable with their sexuality, admit he is hot.

...and I can confirm it. He is, even in casual streetwear, unkempt hat hair and no make-up. He also happens to have an amazing voice, writes a lot of his own music, is trained as an actor and would someday like to be the mastermind behind the action, as a film director.

sounds like a celebrity, right? well, not really. by the end of our 1-hr conversation, i couldn't help but think, this guy is really just a regular 25- year old bay area kid. i felt like i was talking to one of the guys from back home. f-bomb galore, etc. ok can't go into too much detail here, but one quote that still resounds in my head and makes me LoL is simply: "I secretly loved the sh*t out of *NSYNC." only a real man.

one more thing: here's a good clip of him singing a cover of "The Blower's Daughter" (Damien Rice). real emotional performance, enjoy.



Authorjustine lee