Early a.m. this past Saturday, my classmate Miranda (Ting Rae) texted me "PANDAS! 3 PM!"

Later that day, we went to see the Pandas named Yuan Yuan (girl) and Tuan Tuan (boy) at the Taipei Zoo on their 7th birthday! They are so cute. I was giddy watching them roll around, bathe and eat their bamboo leaves sloppily on their backs like it was nothin (see video below). I would have disciplined them but didn't - it was their birthday after all. 

The two are lovers though have not yet produced offspring as it is a really arduous, complex process that I may Wikipedia later. Also, something I learned: because pandas naturally live solitary lives, YY and TT spend most of their days in separate play areas. A zoo employee assured me that even though they are often physically separate, they remain close emotionally.

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