One year ago today, I arrived in Taipei with very little idea of what lie ahead. I was excited, nervous, but mostly excited. Right now, I'm no better equipped to say what's next, but I am happy to report that I've just lived one of the best, most fun, life changing years of my time.

The really big things that happened:

  • My Chinese (speaking and listening comprehension) improved tenfold, though I still struggle, I generally know what is going on
  • I learned what family means on a whole other level, I value it so much more deeply than I ever have and ever could have if I hadn't moved here
  • I am attracted to Asian males (a lot of firsts happened in this category, sparing details ;))
  • I established a solid group of friends who like me for me (whew)
  • I have experienced living completely solo for the first time ever
  • I am an official Taiwan resident (not the same as citizen) and have health insurance and a salary and everything!

There are so many other little details that made up my past year, but I am too lazy to try to write it all in a way that would do it justice. I'm going to instead take the time to encourage any of you who have ever considered doing something like leave your comfortable job, a city you love, and amazing friends and family for an intangible indefinite unprecendented experience that could possibly change your life, your perspective, your being in ways you cannot even imagine ... my advice to you?

Do it.


Authorjustine lee