hello, i'm back!

i took a few month break from blogging, experienced a bunch of very cool things (got promoted at work, decided to start a podcast, made some new friends) and some very uncool things (got my LV clutch and its contents stolen, experienced a break up, and paid the city of santa clara $510 for caltrain fare evasion - i'm over it), and here i am now: stronger, wiser, slightly more content but mostly just the same. i come armed with my own domain (justineraelee.com) and with things, big and small, to share with you. there will be no theme. i'm just going to write, and you're just going to read. but if you are particularly moved by anything, i hope you'll comment too. this will be a conversation............of a lifetime.

faithfully yours,


PS - for those of you that are visually-inclined, i've included photos of myself enjoying life during my few month break from blogging. i don't expect to be this vain in future posts, but no guarantees.

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