1. bay to breakers - may 15, 100th anni, how can i miss this? hopefully not too much like last year's (followed a group of three nearly naked men - short of fanny packs around their waists - around town without any cash, phone or form of ID on me, had a blast until the alcohol wore off, hitchhiked home)

UPDATE: I DID NOT GO! Instead I started watching ' Friday Night Lights' on NetFlix Instant and have been hooked (3-4 episodes/day) ever since.

2. glee live - may 24, will probably be surrounded by HS squealers, but it'll be a good time, imagine there will be singing along and dancing. we're making T-shirts.

3. adele - june 4, can't wait to be made speechless

4. brother's graduation at UCSD - june 10 weekend, includes a trip to Taiko (sushi bar only) which my brother will pay for with $ from his FIRST official paycheck!! the circle of life, the wheel of fortune.

5. diRosa (Napa) - just booked for mid June,  hopefully when the weather is solidly sunny. if you haven't already checked this place out, you should. It's a colorful, eclectic art collection - includes a number of old school cars decorated with everyday objects - that sits in the heart of Napa -- right in the middle of a picturesque stretch of vineyard and a probably man-made but very serene, healthy looking lake. Also, there's a flower garden and a few proud peacocks that walk around the perimeter.

6. St. Helena Residence tour (Napa) - a CMU alum designed the interior. I'm going to get a tour from her.

in general

1. shows at the mountain winery - hands down, one of the most beautiful outdoor venues, the summer concert series will be announced on Monday, April 25

UPDATE: NONE of the shows appeal to me this year except for Jeff Bridges but I'll be traveling then. I'll go to the Mountain Winery for a wine-tasting instead.

2. giants games - though strangely still in disbelief that we're playing as reigning world champions

3. bbqs and outdoor dinner parties

4. beach and coastal hikes

MEANWHILE, gearing up for the biggest trip of my lifetime and my 25th. can't wait for it all. x


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