what an amazing weekend of live music despite my suffering through a very real, aggressive allergic skin reaction to possibly the plastic in my $15 sunglasses. i went to a show every night and enjoyed them each equally, uniquely.

the xx, though not particularly engaging with the audience (romy, the lady singer, i dont think spoke more than 2 words 'thank you' with great humilty), sounds amazing live . fox theatre is a beautiful, styled like you might imagine a meditteranean opera house with persian rugs hanging from the walls, and GOLD everywhere.

adam haworth stephens, was a pleasant surprise and a perfect way to start the weekend. he was at the bamm.tv studio performing a few of his songs off his new album We Live on Cliffs, streamed live online. it was intimate, just a group of about 10 people watching, about 10 more directing. adam has a beautiful voice and the songs were thoughtful. more photos here. and full webcast here.

vampire weekend & beach house put on a great show too. vampire weekend was high energy. they were fun like you'd expect them to be, and played all the songs everyone wanted to hear, fulfilled requests, made special san francisco refs, as you would expect. we were up in the back, sitting, but if my immune system wasn't under attack, i promise, vic and i would have been up there front and center with all the berkeley kids jumping around. the show, music and crowd, very much felt like college.


i dont think there is anything that makes me feel more at peace and alive than experiencing music live. excited for hardly strictly bluegrass this weekend.

Authorjustine lee