Spent the morning and afternoon with Joyce (my dad's cousin's daughter) and her two friends. They were sweethearts and it was nice to practice my Chinese and teach some English. :)

Mos Burger at Sogo in Tianmu -- Rice patty burgers, pretty tasty!

This Tea place in East Taipei -- I had Taro Milk Tea. The glasses were huge!

Dazzling Cafe -- Afternoon tea spot in East Taipei, almost 1.5 hour long wait, but worth it. We ordered two of their famous toast blocks filled with ice cream, berries, cream and sugar. YUM. I also had a Ginger Red Tea with Apple bits hoping that would help with my Chi. As you can see from my pics, throwing up the peace sign. + the place is so popular, some girls were taking pics outside in front of the sign. Alan joined us mid-way through our meal, and practiced some of his Chinese with the girls...He described this night club called Strike (doubles as a bowling alley) that had a huge shark tank in the middle of it...we were all intrigued...and then we were kindly asked by our waitress to leave (2-hr limit). Alan and I then went to Ximen, a shopping district, more on the west side to eat, drink and play arcade games! Videos of Ximen are coming soon (I got Vimeo Plus!)

Love always.

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