here is a sampling of some of the yummiest food i've eaten these past few weeks...

1. dinner at home: taiwanese-style chicken my uncle made (delicious, better than the restaurants, really)

2. lunch w.uncle near taipei main station: beef noodle soup at one of my uncle's favorite places in taipei & pork chop noodle soup at same restaurant.. broth was SO good, could really taste the star anise, but unfort, i was too hungover to try the beef, looked tender though.

3. late lunch w.jan at paddington garden near zhongxia dunhua: this tonkatsu boiled egg sandwich that was OMG delicious!! a perfect mid-afternoon treat paired with peach iced tea.

4. lunch w.fam in tianmu: small dishes, dry noodle, stinky tofu (YUM) and lastly duck blood, which has become one of my favorite taiwanese dishes of all time!! 

then a couple photos from a personalized tour of Ximen my uncle guided. my mom's family grew up in that neighborhood so he was pointing out where their old home and shoe shop was, where he played baseball with his pals, and we even walked to his and my mom's elementary school! i asked a lot of questions and enjoyed it although i was hungover like h.

the rest of the photos are from an artist exhibition my uncle gave a talk on. the pieces were separated by color scheme. it was cool. especially liked the ink on scroll pieces. i met the artist afterwards and he just smiled and nodded and said i was cute, but not to me, to my uncle in front of me, and my uncle said yes indeed. what are you supposed to say to that "thank you"? "you're cute too!" but i didn't feel comfortable saying either so i just smiled nervously. the subject was changed.

SO, my mom is flying in today from SFO and will spend two weeks with me!! so excited!! i will finally have a real bedmate though i can't say i've been sleeping alone this whole time...this little pink bunny thing has kept me company for the past two months. probably one of the best purchases i've made so far. so perfect to hug. ok creepy that i self-timed the photo below so you could see ? creepy or cool.

Authorjustine lee