ahhhh!! sorry it's been so long since i've written here. i've been cross posting my Instagram photos, but little more. here are the reasons why which are really excuses that will also in turn, be my update to you.

1. work has been a ride -- i've been learning a lot and have been consumed.

the most fun has been coming up with new ideas for content, UI, marketing partnerships and launch activities. i love exchanging ideas, giving feedback on designs and concepts and just being a part of something NEW and COOL!

the least fun has been editing shit, writing shit that i dont know about but have to fake (like lifestyle content for a resort i've never been to), and dealing with administrative, legal, HR details not in my SOW.

i really love my team and believe in what we're building so even with all the shit, my heart is still in it!

our soft launch date is sometime in August and we'll officially launch in the fall. you'll know when it's up and running, because i'll make sure you do. ;)

2. i don't have Internet at home on my laptop -- but i do on my iPhone. it was a tradeoff. this has prevented me from writing lengthy posts.

3. i have a life! since i last updated you all, i've traveled to bali with my mom and got sufficiently pampered at the W resort, went down to taichung and enjoyed local treats with a bunch of friends and most recently made a weekend getaway to hong kong, highlights being the beautiful views from the boat and the tastiest pork buns eva.

i've been meeting new people and having my share of fun, but that doesn't take away from the fact that i am SUPER thrilled to be going home to the bay for two weeks (8/3-17). save the dates.


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