there are a few things i've wanted to share with you all but by themselves did not warrant a post, so now that i have a little collection going, here:

1. when Taiwanese people take pictures of people instead of saying cheeeese like we do. the photographer will first ask (in Mandarin): "Is the watermelon sweet?!" and everyone is supposed to answer "sweet!!" (eliciting a smile). though sometimes people will answer "not sweet" as a joke or "we don't know ! we haven't eaten it yet!" (what literal thinkers!) either way, i enjoy this little exchange as much as i enjoy eating watermelon.. a whole lot.

2. i started the HARRY POTTER series!!! that's right, i'm a decade+ late, but nevermind! i took a friend's advice and brought the book on my trip because i wanted a fun, no-thinking-required book to read while in transit and on lonely nights in my studio. I finished it in 2 days! and I loved it!! so, yes, i am hooked. i'm going to the library next week to pick up book #2. has anyone else not started yet and want to read along with me so we can share in the (.. what's the opposite of premature .. delayed? overdue? late onset?!) EXCITEMENT of Harry Potter?!?! I also am super excited to start watching the movies. so far my favorite characters are Dumbledore and Ron!!! <3 <3 <3 

3. today, about an hour ago, i went to starbucks primarily bc i wanted to have a place to sit while using wi-fi but of course had to order something first. so i ordered a small espresso frapaccino, i thought. then the lady started asking me all these questions in mandarin about said order, and i just kept saying "OK," not really understanding what she was saying, but it all sounded reasonable. turns out my OKs led to me ordering an espresso shot. If you know me, i don't drink coffee ever, so..i didn't really know what to do, how to drink it?! in sips or like a straight up shot?! i drank it like a shot, all at once. i hope that was right. but i definitely stood there thinking what to do for about 10 minutes because i didnt want to look foolish and do the wrong thing. luckily, no one seemed to react after my head back, quick swallow motion..whew.

4. i have almost 100% converted to being attracted to taiwanese guys. of course if george clooney or ryan gosling walked into my life and into my arms i would 100% take it and never look back. but i'm serious when i say, i check locals out daily and am seriously attracted to guys i would never consider in the USA. it's so weird, but i like it. i'm embracing this unexpected phase (maybe it will last forever?!) in my life. now if only i could get taiwanese boys/MEN to ask me out!! ;)

more later. xx

Authorjustine lee