1. the paper money that you burn to send to distraught or abadoned spirits. the yellow papers include pictures of some necessities like hair comb, clothing, shoes, etc. 

2. picture of the Wu family's (mom's side) prayer area/shrine. this is located at my uncle's place since he is the eldest male of the household. he will then pass it on to his eldest son, and so on.

3. this is my FAVORITE bread. it's very QQ (taiwanese way of saying perfectly chewy) and just the right size (my hand) for a morning snack.

4. they have hot dogs in 7-11s here, too! pat told me it's a rite of passage to eat one drunkenly at the end of the night and that it is delicious. i haven't gotten drunk enough yet for this to be an option.

5. my classmates and i made a trip to the National Palace Museum and saw some really pretty jade, porcelain and bronze work while also getting a very eloquent and personal tour in English. She took us around to her favorite pieces and explained why she liked each of them. my kind of guide. cameras were not allowed but i snuck mine in though only had the guts to snap one photo. this messy chinese calligraphy, a style that seems so fun and easy!! but probably is hard as jade. the area surrounding the museum is so lush and green. and also yasuko and i took a pic in front of the museum, the sign that says Taiwan's 100th anniversary as a country...or as a...I'm still not sure about this.

6. the rest are photos of food. the last three are of the dry noodle i made for lunch today for my family!! i used my uncle's recipe and it turned out well!! though the noodle was a little too dry so had to add some soup water. at the end. YUM. i'll try making a harder dish next time...maybe paigu (meatbone) soup!


Authorjustine lee