I loved this day, Tuesday, January 10, 2012 because it was my first full-day exploring a new city on my own. My mind was spent appreciating the simplicity and beauty of everything I saw and experienced. I bought an all-day bus pass and also did a lot of walking. It was cold, but there was sunshine.

Kinkaku-Ji (the Golden Pavilion) was as bad-ass as it looks. It is made of GOLD! (part of it)

I was particularly at peace at Ryoanji Yodofu, this seven herb tofu shop, I stopped by for lunch after a quiet walk through the Ryoanji temple. I just sat there - bent at my knees - enjoying the garden view and dipping my tofu in the tasty sauce and eating it, bite x bite. By the end of the meal, I was quite good at grabbing tofu with my chopsticks, which I felt really cool about because it's not easy. let me show you some time.

I admit, I got lost. but just once! looking for the g.d. Imperial Palace, which in the end, was so not worth the trouble. In fact, I'm not even sure I ever made it in the Palace. I think I just spent an hour around its perimeter. Well, it's true getting lost allows you to know a place. doing it on my own too, made it even more chill because i could go at my own pace and not feel like i was disappointing anyone.

This was also the day I had the best sushi of my life at Izuju, a small shop across the street from the Yasaka Shrine in downtown Kyoto. I ordered just the right amount for one, some inari and saba (mackeral) wrapped in boiled seaweed, a bowl of miso and some hot tea. I would have liked to sample their Kyoto Style Sushi (sushi packed in square form), but I was low on yen and it just gives me an excuse to go back another day, right? :) The last picture is of a handful of postcards I bought and sent for yall. I LOVE LOVE Japanese stationery, paper, handicrafts, ceramics, all of it. so well-designed and thoughtful.

If you need any more tips on Kyoto or Tokyo, please let me know, especially now while it's fresh in my mind. overall, i've decided Japan is the best place to travel alone as a female. I will be back. Loved it too much for that to be my last time. I'd even consider living there someday.


Authorjustine lee