in 12 days, i managed to satisfy 80% of my cravings in the bay area. there were a few places i didn't get to and they include jack in the box, wendy's, whole foods, pizza antica, fantasia, nopa, dim sum, steak, indian buffet and another trip to Chipotle.

thank you all who joined me. it didn't feel like 7 months had passed. well, it did and it didn't. it did because we had so much to catch up on, but it didn't because it's like they say. we picked up where we left off, it felt like just yesterday...


the full list of places i hit up

  1. In-N-Out / cheeseburger and fries, my first meal waiting for me in the car, the best
  2. Hobbee's / hash browns, scrambled eggs, blueberry coffee cake
  3. Chipotle / chicken burrito bowl, i was too full from hobbee's to get a burrito, bummer
  4. Los Dos Compadres / verde carnitas, chicken taco, rice and beans
  5. Sushi Kuni / sashimi, chicken teriyaki
  6. Le Boulanger / french baguette
  7. Lee's Sandwiches / french baguette with bbq pork
  8. Joy Luck Palace / house special crispy noodle
  9. Pho Minh / beef noodle soup
  10. Vivi's / cheeseburger and fries (pictured)
  11. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot / lamb
  12. YogurtLand / i went twice, the dulce, mint, taro flavors w graham cracker crumbs and fruit
  13. Paul & Eddie's / beer
  14. Erik's Deli / turkey pesto sandwich and clam chowder
  15. Neto Cafe / an omelette
  16. Cascal / stuffed pepper, paella
  17. Rice Thai / duck in red curry
  18. 21st Amendment / beer
  19. Nova / the most bomb mac & cheese
  20. Don Pisto's / tacos and mussels
  21. Jones / $30 shot of tequila
  22. The Boxing Room / alligator meat, pork chops
  23. Samovar Tea Lounge / oolong tea and cookies
  24. Palamino / bar food and red wine
  25. The Cosmopolitan / two house cosmos
  26. Pasta Pomodero / chicken pesto pasta
  27. The Vault 164 / proscuitto and fig flatbread
Authorjustine lee