as i type this, i am chilling in the hospital (views from the room, included - pretty sweet), spending the night here with my aunt who will be getting back surgery tomorrow a.m. she is not in critical condition (thank G), instead this was a very thoughtful decision she has made after months of real bad pain in her lower back and legs. i'm praying for her. if you pray, could you include her in your prayers too? thank you. :)

i don't like hospital. i have seen and heard things that are pretty uncomfortable. whoa. i just realized that my english sucks (see first line of this paragraph). four months in taiwan has really taken its toll on my english. it's two things 1 - i'm barely using it, except when i type to yall, and 2- when i do use english to speak to locals, i dumb it down and sometimes even purposely am gramatically incorrect to get a point across. 

true, hospitals are uncomfortable places, but they also allow for so many examples of unconditional love. my aunt is sharing a room with a couple, middle-aged, maybe early 60s. the woman got serious back surgery yesterday and can barely sit up. he has been by her side 24-7. he speaks gently to her. he has held a bin for her to throw up in while patting her back. he has asked the nurses thorough questions on her behalf. he has fed her. sat next to her while i am pretty sure she farted for 10 minutes straight.* he has asked if she needed anything. and just generally been there. i don't know why i'm so impressed by this behavior. isn't that part of the marriage contract - in sickness and in health, til death do us part? but for some reason, a guy being a real sweatheart, patient as hell, and just witnessing some really unfavorable sights and sounds, makes my heart ache out of respect and a simple desire to meet and marry a guy just like that. maybe not just like that. he is quite old and wears sweat suits. his heart though.

hospitals are where humans are born. today i learned that there have been about 100 children born since Nov. 1. (EDIT: oh wow, meant to say 100 specifically in this hospital alone, not the world. but you're no dummy). i made a super quick visit to the nursery where my aunt worked for over 20 years and was head nurse before she retired. i saw a total of 4 newb's today (most were 2 days old) and they were...freakin adorable. little faces, bodies all bundled up in blankets. i swear. looking at a newborn and touching ones little cheeks today brought a joy to me i can't explain. i imagine that when i meet my first child, the same feelings i experienced today will be amplified, intensified times infinity, and it will be amazing. ok, i should stop advertising my maternal desires. nobody but those CL ads for egg donors wants to know about it (which by the way i seriously considered at one point when i thought i would be broke after quitting my job.)

next time, i'll write about meeting a big-time asian pop star (and hearthrob) in Taiwan named Anthony Neely. stay tuned, readers. also, please comment so i know you exist. 

* to be fair, it may have been the husband farting...there is a curtain separating us, so i can't be sure.

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