1. recently at zara, i spent about five minutes touching the fur (faux) lining of a winter jacket. i just kept at it. it was the most action i had gotten all week. self-initiated. soft. creepy.

2. about a year ago, my aunt offered to set me up with her friends' sons. i politely declined. but am now reconsidering.

3. before this past halloween weekend, my girl friends and i did a pre-lim talk of who was OK to hook up with and who simply was not. we held each other accountable.

4. i listen to adele and inevitably, feelings of past loves surface, and though these feelings have been muted with time, i will sometimes go on a gmail/diary/FB frenzy, reading whilst emo music playing, reminiscing, wondering, heart tense, deep in the vessels of emotion and longing, and then 10 min later, i'm over it.

5. recently at a friend's store, i spent about five minutes checking out a male mannequin. like legit checking out, under the clothes.

6. i get excited when i know i've just cleared my night to watch tv shows on my computer, by myself, with snacks, in bed. which is good, because i do that..a lot.

7. when i go out, i wear fake lashes and lip gloss...but other times i wear leggings and crocs, so this may not be a strong point

8. all the e-mails i keep top of my inbox are about my career or travel plans. all big decisions i make these days, i make for me.

9. i was visibly distraught when i could not find the full HD video clip of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's opening monologue on SNL, stripping, dancing, looking the way that he does. it's because taiwan bans content from hulu, netflix, and US networks, ridics.

10. i just wrote this blog post.

Authorjustine lee