My negative opinion of the city remained throughout the rest of the trip, but I continued to enjoy my company and the positive bits persisted as well (i.e. food).

Saturday night I took a 10-min. ferry ride to the Kowloon side and met up with Cheng Fang for the world-famous light show - a 15-min. nightly show of all the big buildings in Hong Kong lighting up to pleasant sounds. It was visually stunning and I've seen nothing like it before.
We then wandered the streets of TST and happened upon a little restaurant whose specialty was Hainan chicken. We had that with rice and this pork cutlet in curry. Not bad, not spectacular. Then headed over to a chill bar for a massive glass of Hoeegarden (sp? too lazy to check), I'm not even sure if it was a pint, it felt and looked like double. It was lovely.

Then I headed back to the HK island side and met up with Nick and company. We went to "Play," the newest, hottest club in HK. I was there for 2 minutes before I realized No. I wasn't really dressed or in the mood for clubbing. I'm kind of boring now!! or maybe I'm just growing up.

Sunday, checked in my bags at airport express - a subway station in Central Hong Kong and 20-min. ride from the airport - where you can Check your bags, receive your boarding pass, and buy your train ticket from central to the airport. After I did all this, I had 5 hours left in Hong Kong. In all my traveling experience, I have to say, HK Airport Express is the most BOMB and thoughtful airport idea ever.

I spent the next hours eating and drinking the afternoon away with Nick and Allen. We hit up a Won Ton Noodle shop, then bought some chicken pot pies and egg tarts and brought them to a cafe, to consume while we drank our coffee ice cream concoctions but were told outside food was not allowed. We ate it anyway. Then wandering around IFC, we met Swizz Beatz, the world renowned hip hop artist producer and husband of Ms Alicia Keys. That was pretty sweet. Then Nick took me to the Mandarin Hotel's tea and cake shop. Their raspberry jam atop a raisin scone was so smooth and delicious.

I caught my flight, watched two episodes of Curb, laughed out loud, and landed in Taipei with a sense of pride and ease - I felt like I was returning home. My VISA has ben renewed so I now have another 60 days to chill in Taipei before I have to leave the country again, which should be no problem. Next out of country stop is Japan in mid-October, couldn't be more excited.

Really many thanks go to Nick, Allen and Cheng Fang for hosting me various parts of my trip. Nick and Allen, you two are gentleman and I'm already starting my work out here for when you visit...which better be soon! 

Pics and Video from Hong Kong will be added to this post soon...come back & check them out. x
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