Yesterday was a day of firsts.

I experienced acupuncture for the first time which means I had about 7 needles puncturing my body for 30 minutes to relieve blocked pressure points in my body. It hurt when Dr. Lee put the needles in, because in order to find the right spots to place the needles, he needed to poke around and press until i felt a bloating sensation in the given area. Once I felt that sensation, he would put the needle there. That sucked. Other than that pressure point finding, it was pretty relaxing. Dr. Lee also informed me that I should always eat meat with fish, and that I should drink freshly squeezed apple juice after every meal if I can. He also said not to drink ice cold drinks, ever. My main issue is my gallbladder and liver. Thank you to Jess Liu's parents for taking me and educating me on Eastern medicine and the importance of "chi."

My other first was traveling through Taipei for the first time alone. It was only about a 25-min. bus ride from the acupuncture place to my aunt's house, but it felt pretty cool. We traveled through East Taipei to the Northwest so there were quite a few landmarks I saw through the bus window.

Lastly, it was my first night sleeping in my studio. It was lonely but I turned the TV on and watched Chinese talk shows until my eyes could no longer stay open.

Today was a pretty cool day as well. I went to East Taipei and then Ximen and took quite a few pics and video, but want to save that for a separate post once I upgrade my Vimeo account.

More soon, lots of love,


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