A few days ago, I went to a Buddhist temple in Sanxia and asked Buddha if I would find my way this year and really figure out my life's calling.

It's quite a process, so let me explain in words to supplement the video. Those of you who watch The Bachelorette will remember this from Ashley & Ryan (crazy smiley guy)'s date in Taipei.

First, I had to give Buddha some context, providing my name, where I am from and then ask my question. I find out Buddha's response by throwing two wooden kidney-shaped blocks that have distinct front and back sides. If the blocks land the same side, the response is negative, and you must try again. If the blocks land on opposing sides, one front up, one back up, then the response is positive, and you can choose a stick with a number from the can. 

Once you randomly grab a stick with a number, you have to ask Buddha is this is the correct stick by throwing the blocks again. Once you receive an affirmative response (and sometimes it takes multiple tries as you can see in my video), you can grab your fortune written on a piece of paper from the box with the corresponding number of your chosen stick. It took me about 5 tries altogether (didn't film them all) and victory came with #37 (after i let Buddha know that we were short on time, could Buddha help a sista out)!

My fortune was very positive saying this is the time and I need to just let go and let good things happen to me. So glad about this even though I'm not sure if I'm Buddhist or believe in any of this stuff, but it comforts me somehow. I know I'm doing the right thing by letting go of my past and doing what I've always deep down dreamed of doing. So thank you, Buddha for that extra reassurance and thank you also to my aunts for guiding me through the process and translating. :)

Authorjustine lee