It was my first Chinese New Year in Taipei, and I loved it. I didn't leave my aunt's apartment for 72 hours, no joke. Mostly all my family did was cook and eat.

We also watched some specials on TV, listened to firecrackers, received red envelopes filled with fresh NT (I got 5 red envs! I felt kind of bad, but not that bad because it was my first and probably last CNY in TPE as a single, unemployed adult), we Skyped with family that couldn't be there, did Chinese calligraphy on red, gold-speckled paper and drank whisky. 

See photos below.

New Year's Eve Dinner: This is the day sons go back to their first families (their wives and children included). Most of the meal was catered by a local restaurant, must have a fish and a chicken dish.

New Year's Day Lunch: Must eat noodles, turnip cakes and fried nien gao (this sticky, sweet cake thing)

Second Day of the New Year Lunch & Dinner: This is the day that the daughters go back to their first families (husbands and children included). This meal, by far, was the most thoughtful as my Uncle wrote the menu himself. He also cooked it himself with help from second aunt, Mai-lah and me! I peeled and de-gutted the prawns (they had blue, iridescent tails!) My favorites were the fish head soup (not pictured), sea cucumber, prawns and mi fun (noodles).

Authorjustine lee