I loved China! I spent five days in Beijing and five days in Shanghai with two of the coolest people I know - Neha Mehta and Abhish Raghavan.

I enjoyed almost everything about China including the Beijing Roasted Duck, the tea, the sometimes hip and always colorful streets, bargaining at the Silk Market (i am better at it now! though i really wish i snagged that YSL clutch), the kind people (usually young women) who walked out of their way and made calls to help direct us to where we wanted to be, the metro, the chinese children, the pretty details of imperial palaces and summer retreats, and overall, i loved feeling like i had a connection to this place (my paternal grandparents were born in this large land, and my great-great-great-great-great-great maternal grandies were, too), while also feeling like everything was new.

A cab driver asked me about my heritage. I told him I was born in America, but my parents are Taiwanese, but I'm Chinese, too since my father's parents were born in China. He chuckled at my convoluted response and said (in Mandarin), "We are all Chinese, after all."

What I did not like: public bathrooms, public spitting, tourist trappers

What was curious: middle-aged people in Shanghai like to walk around casually in sleepwear, namely patterned PJ sets at all times of the day, while that was cool,  perhaps the sight that captivated me most of all was the "butt slit" (self-named).. this was a slit in young boys' pants from the butt over through the front side, exposing their bare a's and d's if positioned right, so that they can easily go wherever on the streets, no need to worry about accidents or messy diapers. freedom in the streets. i was able to capture a few seconds of a boy waddling forward with a butt slit...see below..

As you'll see, I'm kind of a crappy videographer and don't give you - the viewer - enough time to take in everything.. i apologize and will do better next time. X



Authorjustine lee