I wanted to share some exciting news in my life. Last week, I accepted a job as a travel writer in Taipei. The publication will launch in its digital format in March and the print version will be seasonal. It will be written in English for travelers. Circos, the company behind the site, was founded by three ex-pats and their core business is a social media analytics tool and consulting service for luxury hotel groups.

The magazine is their consumer venture and will start in Taiwan and quickly expand into other markets across Asia. Because they still consider themselves a start-up, my role is open-ended which means I will have my hand in various projects including the business and consulting side if I so choose. This was really appealing to me even though I primarily want to grow as a writer and manager.

That means I'll be here in Taipei awhile longer, for at least six more months. I am thrilled about this because I have really come to love Taipei and am not ready to leave! It's where I belong right now.

That said, I am a pinky finger bit terrified. I have not a clue when I'll be back in the states, though at least I know it's where I want to end up. I'm going to miss you guys and everything about the Bay Area, California, the United States of America all over again. I should also note, that my two best friends out here (Alan and Jan) will soon return or already have returned to the states, pushing me to make new friends, which I think is a good thing. but wtf, I'm going to miss them.

No matter. Most of all, I feel so so perfectly lucky to have been given this once in lifetime opportunity and to have all of your and my family's support. Thank you, really. Also, for following my adventures here. I probably won't have as much time to update once I start my job, but do check back. I'll include the URL of the magazine I'll be writing for, once it's live.

Authorjustine lee